A Few Shots of the Marais

 The Marais, in the heart of Paris, has some of the most charming and beautiful areas and buildings in Paris. Here are just a few:


I love the color of this door. You see many double doors around Paris and, in fact, in Europe. The were made double to let carriages into the courtyard so the inhabitants of the house could get out and go into their entrance there. You will often find a charming courtyard behind these double doors although sometimes it is now used as the place where garbage cans are kept.


 The symbol of Paris is a ship. This is one of my favorite ships found at the entry into the Musee Carnavalet, where items having to do with the history of Paris can be seen.


 This victory angel is also inside a courtyard of the Carnavalet


 As is this formal little knot garden





4 thoughts to “A Few Shots of the Marais”

  1. Beautiful photos and insight into a city I get to live in vicariously through wonderful blogging friends like you…thank you, Nel

  2. The Musee de Carnavalet is one of my favourites – fantastic furniture from Napoleon’s day and prior and some drop-dead gorgeous Art Nouveau rooms.

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