Winter Skies

  I tend to get a little depressed by the time December rolls around due to the short days. I’ve been doing some work in a shop and at some point in the day I look out the window and it is totally dark. I think it must be 6 PM but am shocked when my watch shows 4:30. It’s hard to get up when it is still dark outside as well and the sky doesn’t start lightening up until 8:30. I am always happy to see Winter Soltice come when the days start gets longer again.

 One thing I do like about short days is that I am able to see more sunsets as I am out and about. In the summer here, where it doesn’t turn dark until after 10 PM, I am usually at home, if not asleep. I do get to see the sky much more in Provence because we have sliding glass doors which give a lovely view of the sky and I often step outside to take a photo of spectacular sunsets. Here in Paris, I have small windows and I have to open them and look up to see the sky, to see if it looks like rain. I have to lean out, too, to see people on the street and what they are wearing-do I need a coat? I look at the trees to see if the wind is blowing.

 So, what this is all leading to, is that I am now out on the streets many times as the sun is setting and get to see blue skies with pink clouds or stunning light, silver as it lights up the edges of gray clouds.


 The sky by Place des Vosges (I needed a polarizing lens to show the silver edges, which I don’t have.)


 Above a building in the Marais


 Still in the Marais


 I was hoping to get more reflection on the pyramid






5 thoughts to “Winter Skies”

  1. Love the pictures – are those people standing in the fountain at the Pyramid?
    Don’t get depressed, spring is just around the corner and the primrose will be planted on the Champs de Mars any day now;-). In the meantime, visit my site for a doze of sunshine (but not today – you are too good with my quizes!!!)

  2. WOW! Besutiful skies. I know what you mean. Even with daylight savings time, it isn’t light till after 7am, and it is dark before 5pm. I have to have artificial light in the hen house to keep them laying all winter!

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