Christmas in Paris

 I haven’t had much time lately to wander around Paris looking at the Christmas decorations. I haven’t seen as many great windows as I did last year for some reason but, then, I haven’t been to the Left Bank yet. I saw the best decorations there last year. In any case, here are a few I’ve seen so far, with more to come.


 A rather modern one in the Marais.


In the window of Lollipops-some exciting news coming about them


 A Christmas looking detail on a wedding dress


In the window of a store selling things from Russia. Look at all of those dolls for the nesting doll. I’d love it even though I have no place it could go.


 All of the stores selling chocolate always decorate their windows and make fantastic looking chocolate items too pretty to eat.




8 thoughts to “Christmas in Paris”

  1. Yes, pretty…but I would eat it anyway;-)))

    Which store in the Marais had the Santa in a convertable with the signs in English? What do they sell, I wonder.

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