More Paris Christmas Photos


This was from the windows of Printemps. The sidewalks were totally packed and I couldn’t even get near the windows for children to take a photo. I was given dirty looks by parents trying to get their children up on the little platforms for close looks at some Christmas magic. I saw parts of dancing dishes and something looking like pigs in space but couldn’t get a decent photo. This window wasn’t being viewed by families. I loved the table-so elegant- and wished I could have something like it but I never entertain on such a lavish level.


 Sometimes simplicity is all that is needed


 I love red and silver together. That’s a reflection of me in the ball taking a photo of the Christmas decoration in the Intercontinental Hotel.


All around the Place Vendome area you can find these chandelier like decorations


Here are a few hanging over the street leading into Place Vendome




8 thoughts to “More Paris Christmas Photos”

  1. Thanks for the Christmas tour, Linda! (If you get a chance, visit my old stomping grounds in the 7th- rue Cler and St.Dominique used to string lit Eiffel Towers in the streets.)

    ps. thanks for the email – I do know where the store is located 🙂

  2. Linda: I try and keep up with your wonderful blog every couple of weeks. I join in your love of Paris and Provence, so I am able to get a “fix” every couple of weeks or so.

    I would SO love to be in Paris at Christmas time! I can only imagine the beauty and creativity in the store windows — take more pictures, please!!

    I was in Paris this past summer during the 100 degree heat wave with a group of 6 other gals. We had a ball despite the heat! However, it did slow us down a bit!

    Joyeux Noel!


  3. I think the chandeliers make very elegant Christmas decorations for hovering about the Parisian streets.

    In NYC, we have these very frilly shredded foil ornaments that are absolutely hideous. I was surprised to see that gorgeous chandelier…c’est beau!

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