What I Did For Love

 What did I do for love? Was it trying raw oysters, a Christmas tradition in France? Maybe a taste of Tete de Veau, veal head? Bought a special Christmas present for Maurice in the overwhelming crowds at Galerie Lafayette? Nope, although I will have an oyster or two occasionally.

 What I did for Maurice, just because I love him and because he was so excited about it, was go to a concert of old Rock and Roll performers, but it was all in French. I didn’t know one name or one song, except for “Personality” by an actual American woman who could speak perfect French. I did hear many songs that I knew the melody of, including “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To”, but I have no idea what the words were-plus, it was sung by a man.

 We were thirty minutes into the concert when a group of old people started entering the concert hall. There must have been 400 of them. I guess their bus was late so they were trying to get them seated. Many looked well into their 70’s, and I saw quite a few canes. They came to the steps and couldn’t see well in the dark. I was sitting on the aisle and several people used my shoulder as a hand rail for the first step. The floor was wooden and you could hear people clunking down the stairs and they were all talking, much to the distress of the lady in front of us who kept trying to shush them. I’m not sure what they were saying but I’m sure it included, “Lordy, it’s dark in here. I can’t see a thing.” or, “I hope I don’t break my other hip”. I think it took about 20 minutes to get all of them seated. Maurice said the performer on the stage even asked them to shut the door, I guess so they would stop stomping in.

 So, I sat in an excrushiatingly uncomfortable chair for over four hours listening to this concert. The crowd loved it. I’m sure there were many memories occuring as each performer sang his or her hit. Some of the men on stage had the face, now, of a 70 year old but the hair do of David Cassidy of the Partridge Family, full bangs and puffy bob, but gray.

 Except for the pain of sitting so long, I did enjoy this look into the French music of the 50’s and 60’s. It was interesting to think of all of this going on across the seas in France while I was listening to the Beatles in the States. Of course, the French did too. Maurice loved Ricky Nelson and Simon and Garfunkle growing up.

 A few Christmas photos to share:


From the Baccarat window


In case you were wondering what to get your dog for Christmas


 From Baccarat also


A lovely creche in the window of a florist


Macarons again from Lauderee. These have edible silver decorations. I have actually eaten almonds coated with edible silver before. They didn’t have a flavor-just looked really pretty.






9 thoughts to “What I Did For Love”

  1. 4 hours on a hard wooden chair watching seniors sing in French? That’s not love, that’s insanity;-)))
    What would you have Maurice do to prove his love for you, I wonder…

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your comment, Linda. I\’ve had a brief look around our blog and am enchanted. Your photos are beautiful (I loved the red and silver) and I look forward to exploring further.

  3. What did Maurice do for love? He welcomed his sister and brother in law into their home during Christmas and walked his legs off to help Linda show us Paris. He’s the best!

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