Metro Stop

 On Line 11, at the metro stop Arts et Metiers, you will find one of the most unusually decorated stops in Paris, at least in my opinion. It is all lined in copper with giant gears up overhead which represents some of what you find in the Musee Arts et Metiers, which is a really interesting place to explore, especially if you like Science.


 It’s a very dark metro stop so it’s hard to show it well but here is a giant industrial looking wheel over the train track.


 A view across the track


The first time I saw this I thought the station was supposed to be like the interior of a submarine.


A view of the very expensive wooden seats.

 Lately I am on this line a lot doing some work and I love getting off the train at this stop. Last week it was very crowded and there was one seat left next to me. As usual, it was not a tiny, petite woman who wanted to sit next to me, but a huge lady. I was just getting ready to move over some so she could get her ample bottom into the seat more comfortably when she poked me in the ribs with her elbow. Right then I decided to sit firm. I didn’t budge. She moved to another seat at the next stop giving me a dirty look, rather like the lady who ran over my foot with her food cart and was upset that I was in her way. Can’t please everyone.




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  1. Line 11 is usually fairly light. It isn’t one of the more popular ones. I think this was at two in the afternoon. Line 1 or Line 4 are a totally different story-train always packed and the stations looking like Time Square at New Years Eve. Linda

  2. More and more beautiful photos … Just wanted to stop by and say “Merry Christmas and thank you for all the joy you bring to so many of us who wish we could live in Paris but can’t!”

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