100 Things To Do and See In Paris (part 2)

The Left Bank:
51. The Left Bank if full of fun winding streets. Start at the Odeon Metro Stop. Across the street is the Commerce St Andre, an old shopping street. Find the painting of Benjamin Franklin in the window of le Procope, the oldest cafe in Paris.
52. Rue di Buci is a lively street with many places to eat or drink.
53. St Sulpice Church holds the famous obelisk with the brass line marking the movement of the earth and sun. Don’t miss the Pigalle sculpture of Mary at the back of the church.
54. Walk down Rue du Cannards and find the sculpture of baby ducks high up on a wall over a blue door.
55. Visit the St Germain des Pres Church, oldest in Paris.
56. Across the way from the church is les Deux Magots, a famous hangout for writers such as Hemingway.
57. Walk down Rue de Seine to the beautiful building housing the Institute de France.
58. Find the entrance of the Institute du France, go to the front, cross the street and you are on the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge always full of people and activity.
59.Don’t miss the Cluny Museum, small and easy to vist and make sure to visit the top floor for the magnificant Maiden and the Unicorn Tapestries.
The Orsay Musuem:
60. Visit the Orsay Museum. The famous Impressionists are on the top floor.
61. Have lunch at the lovely restaurant inside the Museum.
62. Find the transparent clock with a view of Sacre Couer in the distance.
The Luxembourg Gardens and surronding area:
      63.Take a walk through the Luxembourg Gardens.
64. Find the Statue of Liberty in the garden.
65. Watch children sailing boats in the pond.
66. Visit the incredible Medici Fountain in the garden.
67. Walk up Rue Soufflot to the Pantheon, visit the interior.
68. Head down nearby Rue Mouffetard for an interesting shopping street.
The Arts et Metiers Museum and surrounding area:
69. Take metro 11 to the Art et Metiers metro stop for a look at an incredible copper station.
70. Visit the Art et Metiers Museum. Don’t miss the chapel for the airplanes hanging from the ceiling and the model of the Statue of Liberty.
71. Nearby is a wonderful shopping/pedestrian street, Rue Montorguil.
72. Walk to St Eustache Church and visit the interior.
73. Dehillerin on rue Coquillerie is an interesting shop for kitchen supplies.
Boat Ride on the Seine:
74. Take a Batobus ride down the Seine. You can get on and off all day and see Paris from a different perspective.
75. The most romantic thing to do in Paris is a Beateau Mouches boat ride down the Seine at night.
The Marais:
76. Take a walk in the Marais, one of Paris’ most beautiful areas.
77. Visit the Carnavalet Museum for a look at the history of Paris as well as a lovely structure with garden.
78. Antique shoppers will want to walk into the Village St Paul and see the shops on Rue St Paul.
79. The church of St Paul St Louis is especially lovely. Don’t miss the painting of Jesus Praying in the Garden by Delacroix.
80. The Picasso Museum is in a wonderful building and worth a tour.
81. Walk down historic Rue des Rosiers and have some great falafal there.
82. See the many shops on Rue Francs Bourgeois and enter Place des Vosges, one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. The Victor Hugo Museum is in one corner there.
The Hotel de Sully in another where you enter through the back garden.
Invalides, the Rodin Museum and Pont Alexander III:
83. For a look at Napoleon’s tomb, don’t miss Invalides. Check out the weapons museum there as well.
84. Nearby is the Rodin Museum. Don’t miss the famous Thinker sculpture in the garden. This is a good place for a light lunch as well. There is a nice area to sit in the shade in the back.
85. Stroll across the lovely Pont Alexander III, gilded and baroque shining in the sun with a great view of the Eiffel Tower on one side.
Bastille and the surrounding area:
86. Place de Bastille is a lively area with a column in the middle commerating the “Three Glorius Days”. The Richard Lenoir Market, the largest in Paris, is here on Thursdays and Sundays.
87. An interesting market to visit is at Place d’Aligre, open every morning except Mondays. It has a permanant covered market that is interesting to see and is especially lively and fun to visit.
Nation and the surrounding area:
88. Off the usual path for most tourists is Place Nation. Two interesting columns are there where there were once at a gate in the walls of Paris.
89. Nearby is interesting Picpus Cemetery, burial place of La Fayette where an American flag always flies.
90. Stroll down Promenade Plantee for some beautiful landscaping above the streets.
91. Chateau Vincinnes is interesting to walk through and borders the huge Bois de Vincinnes where bikes can be rented.
92. Parc Floral is full of beautiful flowers and landscaping with free jazz concerts on Summer Sunday afternoons.
Republic and the surrounding area:
93. Place Republic is the site of an interesting central sculpture.
94. Don’t miss a stroll down the Saint Martin Canal with locks for passing boats, delicate bridges crossing over, and fun places to eat and drink.
95. You can take a boat trip down the canal to get a slow look at passing Paris environs.
96. The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is an interesting place for a hands on look at science, mostly for children.
A Monet Day:
97. If you love the Impressionists, visit the Marmotton Museum in a wonderful mansion housing some of Monet’s Water Lily paintings in the lower level.
96. You could make it a “Monet Day” and also take the short trip out of town to Giverny.
Unusual Architecture:
98. For a look at some modern architecture and, possibly, a move, check out Bercy Village at Coeur St Emillion metro stop.
99. The Bibliotech is a very modern ediface for those liking modern buildings.
100. It is hard to beat the architecture at la Defense for a totally different feel from the older buildings and look of Paris.
101. Don’t get so busy trying to see all that Paris has to offer that you don’t take the chance to just wander aimlessly around the charming streets of Paris or just sit at an outdoor table at a cafe and watch life go by.

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