If I had to choose between the two places we are lucky enough to live I don’t know if I could. It’s apples and oranges, as they say.

 In Paris I get the stimulation and energy of a city along with architecture that always speaks to my soul.


 I can hop a bus to the Eiffel Tower


 Place Vendome is a short metro ride away



It’s hard to beat trips to the Louvre

 I always have trouble leaving Paris, but then I arrive in Provence, France profound, to a totally different way of living and I am at peace.


From one of the many lovely fountains of Aix


To watching the life and activity at a vineyard


This is the view from our house.

 I love it when we are in our home in Provence. I especially miss it when we are in our tiny apartment in Paris. I miss the space, the view, the peace.

 Someday, I may have to choose as we get older. It will be a hard choice. Then, just to confuse things a little more, is the fact that I am trying to figure out a way to be in the States more. I need to win the lottery to do this, but I am mulling it over. I need a little place, an RV, a trailor, something, so I can see more of my family but not have to live with any of them while doing so. Until I figure that out, I will just have to settle for trips twice a year to the States.