Scenes On A Sunny Day

 I love it when I go out my apartment day to take someone around for photo taking and there is a blue sky and sunshine. Paris often has gray skies in the winter but when the sun is there, incredible light make photography a joy.


A lovely sqaure which should, I guess, be called a “round”


The exquisite mosaic tile floors in the Galerie Vivienne.


 A solitary walker (and two dogs) under the trees at Palais Royal


 I’m always taking photos of the metal green chairs found in the parks of Paris.







11 thoughts to “Scenes On A Sunny Day”

  1. Beautiful Linda. I had my sunny photo day yesterday. Today we got just a tiny little film of snow, enough for one of the Auddie boys to run out with his camera 🙂

  2. I love your photos of Paris…it makes me want to be there even more!! It also inspires me to get out more and look at my own beautiful city, taken so much for granted!

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