Paris Winter

 Except for a few cold days after Christmas, it has been an incredibly mild start to the winter. We have had a few shower off and on but many days there are sunny blue skies. Here are a few photos to prove it:


 I rounded the corner the other day at the Louvre and instead of the rather mild fountains that are usually seen, there was one practically exploding. There was a service truck there so maybe they were working on it. The fountains haven’t been working much in the last year.


 Isn’t this pretty? It the frame for a stained glass window found inside the gardens of the Hotel du Sully.


One last brave yellow leaf


 A shot of one of the fountains near the pyramid at the Louvre which isn’t working-but you can get some great reflections.

 On a totally unrelated note, I have been taking photos for Lollipops, an accessory store, which sells shoes, purses, scarves, etc. Yesterday, I took some photos of a collection of purses which had the Virgin Mary on them. This somehow led to a very vivid dream that night in which the Virgin Mary, while still a teen-ager and still a virgin before the whole virgin birth thing, somehow was transported through time to the present day where she lived with me and some of my children. She was exposed to American Television, video games, young love, movies, the whole thing. I had to prepare her for her trip back to her time and really worried how she would handle being the mother of Jesus after all of her experiences. Isn’t the mind funny? I think I may have a movie somewhere in there if I only wrote scripts.









9 thoughts to “Paris Winter”

  1. I’m going to watch that movie when it comes,lol.
    There has been a Danish series for children over Christmas here with 12 year old jesus transported into today’s Copenhagebn. Very interesting.

  2. Hello,
    I really love love your site a lot.
    I am a doctor and living in paris now with my husband.
    I am just like you…wondering around Paris..have same kind of sensitivity..
    Would like to meet you and drink a cafe and talk ,if you want to have a new friend from around the world…
    just contact me from the mail…bye

  3. Just catching up here….honestly, your photos are great. I spent the day out and about with my Mom and we were just lamenting the fact that we forgot to take one photo. Seriously. How lame is that?

    You are giving me such a yearning to visit Paris again. This year, I think, I shall tear myself away from my bucolic bolthole and bravely hit the bright lights.

  4. Sounds like a noteworthy dream…I’ll have to get my copy of Jung out and see what he says…

    Love the “out of control” fountain.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  5. Nice post, as usual! Like you, I loathe French TV too – though, also like you, I’m sure it has something to do with my poor French speaking skills — since I love everything else about France and the French (though, being an American living in America I’m sure I have romanticized it a bit, too). All I know is that all the times I have visited France I have not once seen anything I really wanted to watch – except maybe some historical program or soft porn. 😉 Happy new year!

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