Happy Where We Are


A view of columns near Palais Royal

 Sometimes, especially when I really miss the space and view of our home in Provence, I start getting a little cranky about our small apartment here in Paris. I grumble as I trudge up the stairs with the groceries and I feel a little claustraphobic when sitting in our really small living room. So, we decided to look around in our neighborhood and see if we could find something roomier and with an elevator. The very first place we looked at was really nice. Very clean, elevator, freshly painted and it had a bath tub, something I don’t have here. They have a really large asking price, though. We can probably get the loan but do we want to have that loan to pay off?


Art Deco lamp outside a Paris Metro

 We looked at another apartment on a really cute street near us that we like. In a word, it was horrible. Many French apartments have huge halls with rooms going down the line. So when we entered this apartment, there was that long wide hall with six closed doors. The first door was to the kitchen which wasn’t too bad but the window there looked right onto a gray concrete wall-the one containing the elevator. The next door was the room with the toilet, then a bedroom, a closet at the end, another bedroom with the only bathroom and then the dining room. Notice that there isn’t a living room. The dining room which contained a huge table also held the TV and this was where they came, I guess, to “live”. It didn’t appeal to me at all and I didn’t like the tile in their bathroom. Also, on the first floor-second if you are an American-was an office for a dentist so people would be going in and out of the building all day and I could see that the stair carpet was really dirty, so there goes that apartment, not to mention that they were asking a really high price for it.


 Two benches in the sun on Pont des Arts near the Louvre

 So, we may still hear from the people in the first apartment that we like. I’m sort of leaving that up to the fates and not putting alot of emotion into the results. If they accept our offer, we will move. If they don’t, we decided to knock out a wall in our apartment and make our living room more livable. Of course, that will leave us with only one bedroom but we don’t have guests pouring in to see us anyway so it wouldn’t be a hardship. And maybe someday we will get an elevator installed. I’m just hoping I won’t see the walls through my kitchen window. We are going to be happy just where we are.


 A reflection of some buildings in a puddle








8 thoughts to “Happy Where We Are”

  1. Railroad apartments is what I think they are called, at least that is what we called them in SF, long corridors with doors down the side. Paris a beautiful place to live on the outside…it makes the small apartments worth it!

  2. The juxtaposition of your photographs with your ruminations is very effective; your outside life is brimming. Maybe your interior one will sort itself out in a way you weren’t expecting.

  3. I have a “railroad flat” here in New York, and although I generally find this flat type frustrating, mine is small enough that it serves a purpose. My hallway is also my kitchen…the kitchen runs half the length of my hallway.

    Wow, a kitchen with a door? Our flat in Germany was the same way. That’s so strange to me. :0)

    I hope that it works out in your favor either way! It’s great to have all sorts of options and flexibility!

  4. loved your picture/story combo… good luck with your apartment dilemma… paris looks like a fabulous place to live !

  5. Best of luck, Linda. Finding a decent place to live is never easy in my experience. But you have a great attitude about the whole thing, and that has to help.

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