From There…..

 …can you smell the smoke? That smell of smoke is coming from my camera. I have been using it like crazy the last six weeks or so taking photos of bags for a catelogue for Lollipops. It has been rather challenging. We found that we had to have really good lighting, along with a white box sort of thing to really light up the purses well after taking the first batch of photos against a white wall.


 While it is rather satisfying to see photos of a purse that I took myself on a page of a catelogue, it does get to be hard work, sort of like working on an assembly line, I imagine. Now whenever I am looking at a magazine and I see the photos of objects for sale or things to buy for Christmas-that sort of thing-I think about the poor photographer taking them. It’s not the most stimulating thing I’ve ever done. Those purses and shoes just don’t have that much personality and there are just so many angles and positions you can take. I did try a few creative things here and there. And those lights are really hot. I had to bring an old tshirt to work in. I thought about bringing workout clothing but didn’t. The best part was seeing the creativity behind each purse, belt, scarf or pair of shoes. I wanted them all.


 I did enjoy working with the young people at the store where I was taking the photos. I liked seeing how the girls dressed and how they interacted-being my alien self again, seeing how the natives interact. I especially like observing one girl. She wasn’t one of those skinny things with her nose in the air. She had fullness and boobs. She wore the cutest clothes and I loved her boots. Her hair, an interesting shade of red, was often in two low little pony tails behind each ear, her eyes were enhanced with a line of liquid eye liner above each set of lashes and beyond like Barbra Streisand used to do, and she sometimes wore cute black eye glasses. She and another girl would take the photos I took and do the photoshop thing with them and make up the catelogue pages.


 I wished I could take the really fancy photos used by Lollipops with several bags or belts on top of giant, green wet leaves with water drops sprinkled here and there but I don’t have the equipment, to begin with and I don’t think I am at that level, but I’d sure like to try. And also with a model. I think that might be fun. I’m sure it would stress me out to no end. Just the purses was exhausting. Anyway, it was an interesting look into a world I’m usually not part of.

 So, if you are interested, here is the location of the new Lollipops e-shop- Lollipops e-shop. You can’t buy it in the States yet and it’s in French, but you can look at the photos and think, “I know who took those!”

10 thoughts to “From There…..”

  1. Okay, I just bought a photo tent recently thinking I would photograph a few of my pieces on my own…so how funny to see your image there with the photo tent, too!

    Do you photograph jewelry, as well? Please let me know…

    And, hey, I’m one of those skinny things….WITH boobs! >:0) And my nose is planted firmly above my mouth, not in the air! :0)

  2. Actually, since I am working for relatives, I am not getting paid with actual money. And I wouldn’t say that I do it for a living. I wish I did. I did it for brownie points (as they say in the States) with my husband’s family.

  3. Dont care if those photoes are for rellies, they are fantastic, to make a belt look so interesting, wow…you are an artist indeed.

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