Let The Battle Begin


 It’s that time again in France. That time when you gird your loins and head into the battle that are the twice yearly sales here. Apparently you can’t have sales and call them “soldes” whenever you want to but are required to do it twice a year by the government. Somehow I don’t this this would be good for the store owners but what do I know?

 So, even though I hate crowds, especially crowds in France when there are sales, I decided to head to our little Printemps Department Store nearby in Place de la Nation. There is no way I would go near the huge stores by the Opera. I waited until lunch as I thought the crowds would be less and was surprised when I found that I was right. I bought a new pillow, two pillow cases and, in a case of complete buying frenzy, saw a pair of shoes that were half off and bought those too. I need a coat but decided to wait a little longer until the prices were even lower, if not wait until I am in the States again.


5 thoughts to “Let The Battle Begin”

  1. We live in Santa Fe and NYC… similar, I would think, to your living in Provence and Paris. Each is totally different; one the antidote to the other.

    I, too, love the art of merchandising in Manhattan.

  2. Those photos are looking good, Linda. Sounds like an interesting project…every shoot has its own story…or so I’ve heard. Sometime take a look at the link on blueVicar for Marco Mazzei’s photoblog. He’s a photographer too and takes pix for lots of commercials and fashion advertising.

    Congratulations on a job well-done!

    Meilleurs voeux!

  3. Ah, Linda I have braved the big Printemps and Galeries Lafayette and what good buys I found, too. The trick is to go in the mornings, before lunch. Otherwise, as you know it’s a madhouse.

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