Third Planet From The Sun


Not an alien, but a painting of the figure on top of the column in the middle of Bastille. It is a painting that I saw through a window. I like it.

As I am wont to do, I was channel surfing once more looking for something in English. Yes, I know my French will not improve by watching TV shows in my native language, but sometimes I just need it. It’s like a little comfort food, some macaroni and cheese, on a cold winter’s day. I can sit there and totally understand what is being said, what is going on, all the inside little jokes that only Americans can understand. It’s nice after floating around in a sea of French.


Cute and friendly little bulldog living in the lobby of a hotel.

 Anyway, I came upon a TV series popular several years ago, Third Planet From the Sun, about four aliens who land on earth, take on human forms and then try to figure out what the heck is going on around them. Gee, I identify. Of course, it’s not as bad as when I first came to France. I’ve picked up some French in spite of myself and I’ve come to understand some things that used to be strange to me, such as saying “Bonjour” to everyone when you enter a doctor’s waiting room or having to pay for a chicken that is weighed before the head and legs are cut off-you pay for the part cut off. Wouldn’t you have a fit if they did that in the States?


I don’t have a photo of a chicken in a market, but here is a plane tree in the sun. I like the shawdows.

 I do feel like an alien as I walk around Paris, never really fitting in, an observer of all that is going on around me. Fortunately, I don’t mind. I’m sort of a sociologist, collecting facts, foder even, for my blog. I’d like to become more a part of it all but I guess it just isn’t going to happen at my age. I don’t mind except at long French meals with everyone blabbing on. Everyone thinks I am a nice quiet girl. Only Maurice knows how far that is from the truth.


 How things used to be

10 thoughts to “Third Planet From The Sun”

  1. Oh, Linda – I can so feel your pain, but in reverse. I know it sounds strange, but sometimes I feel that I am misplaced here in the States. When I was in Paris that one time, I felt so at home, like I really belonged.

    Looks to me like you are doing such a wonderful job of dealing and if you can take any comfort in knowing you have made one person happy with sharing your life, let it be me.

    p.s. That t.v. show is hilarious, especially the Dick character. Ha, ha!

  2. I love that show!

    As your sister I can say you are not quiet! Well, compared to me you are. I remember us having coffee at an outside cafe in Paris and a woman sitting at a table next to us, listening while trying to pretend she wasn’t listening. As you’ve said, they think we are quite the site with our openness and talkative nature. They should try it. It’s fun!

  3. Thanks for visiting my kitchen, Linda. I’ve popped in here before a time or two, but only as a lurker.

    My DH and I like the quietness and politeness of Paris. We were eating out the other day and it all seemed so loud.

    Yes, TRFTS was hilarious.

  4. I LOVED Third Rock from the Sun!!!

    When I lived in Germany, I felt the same…it was a relief to watch Frasier in English! Or to even watch the news in English. It’s comforting to know that others feel the same at times. I sometimes felt like it was just me! :0)

    By the way, what channels are you able to watch English language shows on out there?!…that is, besides the BBC

  5. I don’t think I could ever learn French. I did, however, like the way Canada puts everything in French and English. That way, you would learn it naturally. That would be the only way for me. Years and years of reading both together. Love that door! And bulldog too. We had one many years ago. xoxo

  6. I love that show. My mom used to send me Oprah cassettes she taped, as I don\’t have cable or satellite and understand the urge to watch tv in english. Anyway between Oprah shows, there were reruns of Third Planet, that I ended up enjoying more than O.

  7. Oh, Linda, how you make me laugh! “I’ve picked up some French in spite of myself” and posting a photo of a plane tree because you had no chicken handy 😉

  8. Linda, have you tried getting a private tutor to help you with French? It sounds like you need a good push to get you over that initial hump. But you have to let go of your American identity in a lot of ways to accomplish it. I wish I could help you feel more integrated into French life because I feel your pain.

  9. Rather than alien, you sound to me like an intelligent observer with a perspective. Life is about important balancing acts, not the least that between creator and appreciator — each needs the other as raison d\’etre. If Paris is not your creation, it nevertheless lives again each time you invest it with your curiosity and challenging inquiry. You make me think I should do the same where I live — find and commemorate the beauty, the quirks, the surprises that others have created for my appreciation.

  10. Sometimes I will watch one of my small collection of DVD\’s…perhaps watch a movie for the 5th time – just because I CRAVE to hear English. I know where you are coming from. I also get tired of constantly translating all the advertising billboards…drives me nuts!

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