Cute Kichenware

 I had been drawn to the window of a shop recently because of the cute things for the home that it had inside. It was the usual utilitarian stuff that most homes have, such as nut crackers or cheese graters but these were different. They were cute, they were colorful and they made you smile.


 Imagine my delight when I was given two of them for Christmas. The first one is this darling cheese grater called Nana, a name for grandmothers, I believe.

 On the side of the package it says:

Once upon in a plate

Round, round, round

A hill of cheese

High, high, high

That an Italian princess

Pretty, pretty, pretty

With a metal dress

Which scratch, scratch, scratch

Gave during a dancing night.

The company is called Pylones and it is Parisian. Their web site shows many more cute things.Monsoon Marketplace – Pylones Of Paris

I notice that they also have two stores in New York City.

The other gift was the two salad servers looking like a comical man and woman diving into the water.






11 thoughts to “Cute Kichenware”

  1. Oh, I love the kitchenware!! This is the first time I leave a comment on your site, but I do visit almost every day and enjoy!!!
    It would be an honour if you would drop by my fairly new site…would love to see you there


  2. Thanx for visiting…I am so jealous of you living in Paris and SEEING all the things I dream of. Living in South Africa, I only get there once in a whale and it is just enough to tease this “french gypsy” by heart!!!!!

    Gypsy Purple– Chamara

  3. I was JUST thinking…we have a store called “Pylones” here! :0)

    I think it might be in the village or somewhere in Midtown…for some reason I remember this store in both areas. I’ve never been inside – from the exterior, it seems very “pop art” – but I’ll check it out for a change. :0)

    The cheese grater is very cute. :0)

  4. I’ve loved Pylones for a long time…
    I have an epoxy necklace I got there 15(?) years ago in the Galerie Vivienne and I always get comments, it’s so wacky.
    The New York stores are fun, but heck they’re in New makes a difference.

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