Five Things

Five things that you might not know about me-if you know me at all from just a blog. (I saw this meme on another blog and thought I would put in my two cents worth.)


1. I was once in Madagascar with my ex-husband for three months. I actually let him talk me into walking into a river to see if it was passable for the truck we were in.

2. I met my wonderful French husband on a blind date in Austin, TX.

3. My first job was as a cashier behind the counter at a Woolworth’s that my father owned. I hated every minute of it. I’ve never had my feet ache like that.


4. I was an operating room nurse before I move to France. When I first began working as a nurse I would get a real rush when  huge emergency would come in, such as a gunshot wound to the head. At the end not even that excited me and I thought if I had to see another hernia repaired that I would scream. Let’s not even talk about the doctors I worked with.

5. I was pursuing a degree in archeology when I met Maurice and ended up in France. I saw myself deep in some Mexican jungle working on a dig of one of those spectacular ruins. Life can always surprise you.


9 thoughts to “Five Things”

  1. Aha! You have had quite an interesting life! And a blind date? I don’t have the guts.

    Loving that little blue doggy in the window.

  2. Fascinating life so far, Linda! And you don’t have to give up your archeological dreams – maybe they’ll let you poke a bit at the Arènes de Lutèce in the 5th ;-)))

  3. Linda, my very first job was a cashier at Woolworth’s, too! I still remember how much I hated it and how my poor feet ached!

    I loved your Madagascar adventure!


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