What I Got For Christmas

 Maurice asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Did I want perfume? No, I have plenty. How about jewelry? I love jewelry but except for my watch, one necklace and my wedding ring, I seldom remember to put on that stuff in my jewelry box. How about some clothing? I really have enough. You can only wear one thing at a time and I want to get a few things on sale when they start in January.

So, what did I ask for? A trip to anywhere. I would rather travel than anything else. So, Maurice asked me where did I want to go. I have a list that I am slowly checking off of places I want to see before I die. It is long and I know I will never get to all of them, but I am sure going to try. I had been thinking for a while that it is a shame that we aren’t seeing more of Europe since we are living right in the middle of it but the first place I thought of was Morroco. I’m not a big fan of deserts, I hate how Muslim women have to cover up and I don’t like religions-most of them-where men have all the power, and Morroco is in northern Africa, not Europe, but that is where I told Maurice I wanted to go. At first he wasn’t very enthusiastic but, because he is a sweetie, he looked into it and we just returned from Marrakech,in Morroco.

 It was fabulous. I have so many photos. I have a very long diary that I kept but I think I will just post photos and tell a little about each one. If you ever get a chance to go to Marrakech, do not hesitate. Go


Much of Marrakech is pink. The medina, the old walled city, if full of mysterious alleys, called derbs if they dead-end.


 One of the many lovely entries found all of the city, as well as in the ancient 11th century wall surrounding it.


These are piles of spices for sale. I have no idea how they get them into these shapes, but I like them.


 These are storks. They have nests, as far as I know, just in one part of the city, on top of the walls of an old ruined palace. They made funny noises like castanettes by clacking their beaks together quickly. Maurice was surprised to see them as they are mainly seen in northern France and Europe but they’ve been around Marrakech for a long time. They made big messy nests on the corners of high walls. This one looks like it has someone’s shirt in it.

11 thoughts to “What I Got For Christmas”

  1. yes, your photos are beautiful, as I imagine much of morroco is, but I’d love to hear more about your experiance as a “tourist” in Morroco…thanks

  2. Lucky you! What an exciting trip. The colors are lovely. Your sister, of course, looked as beautiful as ever. We had THE best time. I told her we were all family now–bloggers united! It was so good seeing her.

  3. More importantly, how did you get your spices OUT of those cone shapes?! Do you scoop ’em from the top? :0)

    I want to one day decorate my own home in Moroccan textiles and designs!

  4. Oh my god, what wonderful pictures, I want to go there NOW, I must I must I am drooling imagining the huge ammount of paintings that I would have to do…what a fantastic present.

  5. That is a fabulous present! I asked for the same thing this Noel, so DH is taking the 3 of us to Berlin in May.

    I spent a lot of time in Marrakesh and all over Maroc, it is a fascinating country. And the colors, oh the colors everywhere!

    You should try Turkey next (since you commented about it on my blog), it’s more Western of the Muslim countries that I have been to and there are tons of cheap flights from France on promovacances and lastminute.fr which include hotel and flight and sometimes food.

  6. I ask for trips, too. We are trying to get a southern Morocco trip planned. I hope it works out, your photos have peaked my interest!

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