A Riad in Marrakech

 A riad is how many homes were built-and still are-in Morroco. There is always a courtyard open to the sky that the other rooms of the house surround, four plant beds and a central fountain. Our riad was called the Riah Sahara Nour. I liked it much better than a hotel as it felt like we living a little like the locals and weren’t in a sterile hotel. Their website: riad sahara nour – Marrakech It is owned by a nice French couple who live there. My only complaint was that I never really got warm, even with a gas heater, as it was January but I’m sure it is great in the summer.


Our room was in this section under the dome. They added the second story bedrooms. This riad is on the edge of the medina, the old city, near several mosques so you hear the calls to worship early in the morning. I always went right back to sleep.


The courtyard when you enter-an oasis of tranquility


 A view from one of the rooms with stained glass from Iran. The riad had beautiful pieces of art and rugs that I wanted.


 The fountain will marigolds floating in it.

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