Essaouira-a town of blue and white

 I had never heard of this little town in Morroco where we made a day trip. It is on the Atlantic Ocean, known for its blue and white buildings, rather like Greece, and it turned out to be a real pleasure to visit. It had a European feel to me and I totally forgot I was in Africa. It was at one time occupied by Portugal and the ramparts were designed by a Frenchman leaving it looking like another harbor town, St Malo, in France.


A view of the town behind the ramparts


Even most of the boats there were blue


 I liked this blue heart above a blue door


 Many of the inhabitants there wore blue as well. This lady had a colorful bandage of some sort on her foot.



I can’t tell you how many photos I took of blue doors.


The blue ocean crashed against the rocky shore.


 In the harbor, besides dealing with fish, they were busy building boats, all of wood.

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  1. I am really enjoying the pictures and posts on your trip to Morrocco moreso because it’s one of the places I want to visit this year. My only concern is that it is a muslim Country and as a woman, I’m a bit apprehensive. Did you encounter any problems? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I didn’t realize you had already been to Morocco and returned! These photos are gorgeous and I’m enjoying learning about this area.
    Many thanks!

  3. The photos just keep getting better and better. My French teacher just loves them as she grew up in Morroco.

  4. This is an amazing place! It seems impossible that so much blue could exist at one time, in nature and otherwise. I would LOVE to be there, with my paints and brushes.

  5. I, like everybody else, am loving your travel stories and pictures, just gorgeous! This town looks amazing. I love the little blue heart above the door, such a lovely touch. Nel xo

  6. It goes to show you that pre-conceived notions are mostly faulty. You\’ve got to visit a place to form your opinions. Like here for example, I would not believed there\’d be so much resemblance to Greece and Portugal with all that blue. Gorgeous photos, as usual!

  7. Hello !

    “Essaouira” is far, far more famous in France under its old name of “Mogador”, of course. (smile)

    There is a street in Paris (rue de Mogador) as well as a very, very famous music hall, the “Theatre Mogador”. George Gershwin played there. Isadora Duncan danced there for the very last time, before her accidental death in the south of France in 1927.

    There was also a hugely popular TV series on the old ORTF in the early 1970s: “Les Gens de Mogador”.

    The early 20th century travel posters of Mogador are strikingly, hautingly beautiful. The one by Brondy is simply magnificent.


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