Scenes From Marrakech


The many colorful ceilings around Marrakech are not done on site but more easily at ground level.


Closeup of his work.


This is a huge square in the medina which is busy day and night.


Have you kissed your cobra today?


Some tagines being cooked over burning charcoal. I’m not sure what the tomato on top means. I am new to tagines. You put a mix of things in the dish, cover it and three or four hours later you have tender juicy meat and veggies. I had chicken with preserved lemon slices and green olives. Maurice had lamb with apples and potatoes.


There is an area right outside of Marrakech called the Palmeraia. There were once 150,000 palm trees there brought over originally from Arabia. They are being torn up for the buildings and golf courses going on there and it all was rather like Scotsdale, Arizona. Chiroc has a house there as does Paul McCartney.


 In Paris you see dogs tied up outside while the owner goes in for some coffee, but in Marrakech its the donkey.


This was a very common sight in the city. I wonder who old this little man is?










10 thoughts to “Scenes From Marrakech”

  1. There were snake charmers all over the square. They just dumped out snakes on the ground. Most of them, probably stunned by the cold ground, just layed there in a heap. The cobra got right into its stance with its head up. I thought it was rubber at first, it was so still. Some of the snakes looked like rattle snakes to me. A couple of men had harmless snakes drapped around their necks and one tried to put one around Maurice’s neck-he didn’t cooperate. Linda

  2. Your photos are fabulous and have given me an itch to get there one day – I’d never really thought about it but oh my – how fantastic.

    I love tagines…properly made the food is awesome.

  3. I am loving your pictures and stories of this wonderful, colourful place…love the first picture, so laid back while creating such beautiful, intricate artwork.

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