Just a few more

 I have so many more photos of Marrakech but this will be my last lot of photos before I move back to Paris as a subject. I’ve got them so you have to see them.


 One of the larger mosques in Marrakech. If you are not a man or a muslem, you are not allowed inside mosques. I think they are mostly bare open spaces anyway as they don’t sculpt or paint images.


 You cannot go anywhere without being offered mint tea. They don’t serve it in cups with handles but in decorated glasses. I like mint but mint tea isn’t my favorite. Some places stuffed fresh mint leaves into the glasses as well.


 Camels were out where the palm trees were. You could ride them and they charged you to take a photo.


 Fresh eggs and fresh chickens for sale in a market. They would kill the chicken right there in front of you, stick the body in boiling water to get rid of the feathers and there you had your chicken for a meal. It didn’t smell very good.



 Doesn’t just seeing this sign for the direction of Casablanca fill you with a longing to see it? It must be because of that movie of the same name with Humphre Bogart. Such a romantic movie. It sounds like an exotique city full of casbahs and intrigue but I understand that it is very modern.

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  1. I am nuts about mint tea – in fact I bought some an hour ago at Super U…yes the packaged variety, as making it fresh is a schlep…but pre-made is still very good. I have the little glasses too…love drinking it from them.

  2. Your photos are so inspiring. I love looking at them! I agree, there can never be enough.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures – and photos!

  3. Casablanca…so very romantic and intriguing. And I love the mint tea served in glasses. Have totally enjoyed the stories and photos of your travels. Thanks 🙂

  4. Linda! What an exotic slip of time to peek into your adventures… Love the photos, and the Blue post… The man painting ceilings on the floor – amazing details! You always delight in your varied travels…

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