Weird Things

 I was tagged by Chamara at  Gypsy Purple to list six weird things about myself. I am sitting here blank, not a thought. I really am boringly normal although I’m sure some people, mostly family, could come up with a long list. Here is all I can come up with. Hmmm.  I think I am a little weird.


1. I am a true old fashioned person as far as music is concerned. I am not up on the latest music although now and then as I channel surf I find myself at MTV and see the latest crop of singers. I think the Beatles were the last group of which I could sing every song on their albums. (Note I say albums and not CD’s)I don’t have much memory of listening to my parent’s collection of records but when an old song comes up on the radio, from the 40’s or 50’s, I know every word. I’m not sure how I obtained this knowledge but I can sing along with Tony Bennett or Peggy Lee to just about anything.

2. I can read anywhere. I think I started doing this because I am very impatient and I can calm myself down waiting in long lines by reading. I read in the bathtub if I have one available-only a shower in Paris-I read in the car at red lights in the States, I read on the metro, while waiting for a movie to start. I go crazy on airplanes if I don’t have something to read, unless there is a good movie showing. There is an incredibly boring stretch of highway between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ that, truly, only has two places where the road is not perfectly straight. It is a two hour drive. One time I had to go by myself on this stretch of highway and I was so bored that I held my book up to the right of the steering wheel and read the whole way. Needless to say, there was very little traffic on the road and I arrived safely. I realized that this was a little rash and haven’t done it since.


3.Because I am impatient, I am not a cool driver. I also don’t want to go the speed limit, I want to get where I am going quickly. It was a real habit and I was on the constant look out for policemen. One day I decided it was stupid and that there were speed limits for a reason. It took me months to break my speeding habit. Now I make myself go the speed limit and I never have to worry about a ticket–unless I am really late.

4. I have to make my bed every morning. I hate coming home and finding my bed unmade. I can have weeks worth of dust on every surface and things piled on the dining room table but you will never find my bed unmade. I think this was instilled in me by my mother. She is a woman with the cleanest house you will ever see. You truly could eat off her floor without getting dust balls or hair in your food.


5. I am the only person in the world-at least it feels like it-who doesn’t drink coffee. I never have. I tried it in college and didn’t like the bitter taste or the after taste. At the time I wasn’t used to caffeine and didn’t like the jittery feeling. I will now happily drink Bailey’s or kahlua with cream, which are both made with coffee, so I think if I added enough cream and sugar to coffee I would drink it but since I’m not in the habit anyway, and I don’t need the extra calories, I haven’t put this to the test.

6. I drink Diet Coke for breakfast in the summer. It’s cold, it has caffeine, it’s refreshing. What’s the difference between Coke and coffee, really. Back in my skinny days, I would have a big glass of milk and a Ding Dong (a sort of chocolate covered Twinkie for those not from America). I excused this by pointing out that people were eating donuts for breakfast. I have a real sweet tooth. I finally met my match in Maurice who actually can eat more chocolate than me.


10 thoughts to “Weird Things”

  1. None of those things are are normal! But very interesting to read all of that. I love reading other peoples memes..hate doing them myself of course!

    I, too, read everywhere…and have had to curb my driving for the same reasons as you…got tired of looking out for the police and stressing about a ticket.

    Marvellous photos – made the so much more interesting than just text. Love the birds eating off the floor…heh heh heh.

  2. Ok, now I understand why I always felt we are kindred spirits:
    1. I’ll take Tony and Frankie anytime over JJ Cool and 50 Cents…
    3. Ditto!
    4. Never drink coffee – only tea.
    5. Love diet Pepsi (have you tried their new Jazz?)
    6. I don’t just have a sweet tooth, my whole body craves chocolate!
    2. Well, that’s just plain weird, Linda ;-)))

    Fun post and photos!

  3. I have recently learned something – in my 54th year! – that I think I may have had in common with you. After years of e-mails, my sister told me I write \

  4. cont…. “weird” wrong! I’ve always spelled it “wierd”–after all, “i before e, except after c, etc.” Now I realize how often I type “weird” in messages!! Did you know this before? Weird!!

  5. You can find me anywhere, anytime with a book in my bag…addicted to reading! You are not weird at all, love reading these things about you, and the photos are great!

  6. I just started drinking coffee, so you are the last person on earth not too!! Love your photos, especailly the drummer!! I love the type of music!
    You are a speed racer!! I would have never guessed that one!

  7. Wow, your weird things really struck a chord with me! Not that I picked the exact same things (except the bed-making one), but I can relate to every one of yours. Cool, thanks for playing!

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