Selling Myself

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty confident person but when it comes to trying to push myself to sell something, I dry up, come to a complete stop. I want to do something with my photography and really don’t know where to start so I am setting up a little “shop” over at Cafe Press and you can see the link over to the right there. I thought I would do a little survey. I sure would appreciate it if you would let me know which photos you like the best–which one would you buy on a t-shirt or card. Which one would you like as a poster, that sort of thing. Would you like more formal photos? Just sticking my toe in the water. I makes my heart beat faster, with fear, I think. Use my email, please, if you can’t get a comment to post. Thank you!

Here they are:


French Frog


French Girls


Monet Day


Paris Lovers


French Kiss (maybe)










14 thoughts to “Selling Myself”

  1. I really like the first two pictures…they’d be cool on postcards.

    The Eiffel Tower does nothing for me though…

    The statues come in 3rd place. 🙂

    Monet is always nice but a bit overdone.

    Good luck Linda!

  2. Hi Linda, have been trying to send e-mails to you the last couple of days but they are being returned? Just wanted to let you know. Love your new venture and I especially love the first three pictures, and perhaps the last one, for a bit of french culture 🙂 Perhaps the Eiffel Tower is a little overdone? Just a thought…go for it, you’ll do great! Nel

  3. Well, I have to say I like the bottom two and the Monet, too. Maybe I’m a hick, but I don’t think those images are overdone. The more responses, the better!

    The frog would be a good t-shirt; and you could vary the text, too.

  4. I prefer the first three. The bottom two are too cliché for me…Are you breaking any infringement laws with the use of the Monet piece?
    But the idea is brilliant! I would concentrate more on the kids stuff too – you know today’s parents – sky’s the limit 😉
    Bonne chance!

  5. I would buy all of these if they were postcards. I like the colors and love the Eiffel Tower. (Can’t get enough Tower) Everytime I go to france I buy lots of postcards, always looking for something new to send.

  6. Dennis, bless your heart, all you have to do to order the tshirts is to click on the cafe express link and do it through them.
    Thanks everyone for your input. I am going to put more photos of Paris and Provence on Cafe Express for those who just want photos.

  7. Have you considered selling photos on things without the slogans? Personally I’m not a slogan person and rarely buy things like that, but I could easily visualize some of your photos making wonderful t-shirts, calendars, posters or notecards. The ones you’ve posted here are good but I’m not sure they’re your best — you’ve done some amazing stuff and posted it here!

  8. I have to agree with Bold Soul. Slogans are not my favorite either. You are a great photographer and capture the feeling of being in Paris. These are not my favorite of yours, but maybe they tested well on fabric? I know from experience that some pictures don’t translate to fabric well.

    Good luck! I know you will succeed.

  9. I love all the photos you have on your website and I think you could very easily sell them as postcards and cards, but I really think you should stay away from the slogans. You have so many chic and elegant photos, I think that appeals to people more than humour?

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