Faces From The Left Bank

 Photos of a few faces that I took one day walking around the Left Bank, mostly near Rue du Buci.


The face on a fancy door knocker


 I hadn’t noticed this face before until someone turned on a light in the stairwell which it is under-it is inside an apartment building which used to be a private home.


 This face is on the outside of the same building. I’ve always wondered if it was of the original owner of the building.


A door handle on a place which specializes in frog legs


 I assume this dog belongs to the owner or manager of a cafe on Rue du Buci. He is always there. People think he is so cute and talk to him, try to get his attention but he is like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Then he sees a dog coming down the street and he is all alert and active. I don’t know if he is guarding his territory or just glad to see some animal from his own species in the neighborhood.


 “I’ll have what she’s having”



5 thoughts to “Faces From The Left Bank”

  1. oh the cutest, cutest little dog, I would want to take him home with me! The lady with the red scarf looks a little worried about all those delicious cakes…lol.

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I am moving to France soon and have been exploring the different expat sites and somehow wound up here. I can’t get enough of your wonderful pictures and your descriptions of places make me wish I were there. Thank you so much!

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