Pretty In Pink

 I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day. I did. It isn’t a holiday that holds much emotion for me. I never make a big deal out of it but it’s always nice to be remembered. As I read on someone’s blog, flowers and chocolate are nice, but clean the kitchen for me, take out the garbage and I will be yours for life.

 Here are a few photos I took mostly in pink or red that look good enough to eat.


Ready for Valentine’s Day


Makes me want to try ballet dancing


 A little creation that I would love to buy for my grand daugher


 All little girls are, of course, angels


The French are really good at making lovely, lucious windows

10 thoughts to “Pretty In Pink”

  1. Linda,

    Love your eye for the right colors….red valentines and beautiful pink roses for litte girls. Great entry, Thanks.

  2. I hope your true love carried out the garbage and cleaned the kitchen too! (Maybe a story or photo of that??)

    It’s been a hectic week here…and the next promises to be the same. But you are on my mind…

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. Yes the Frecn have huge flair with window dressing – when I drive around I sometimes nearly hit the car in front I am so busy ogling window displays…have to say though – that they reallly do it fantastically well in Paris. We’re not quite at the same level in these parts.

  4. Dianne-Yes, the little dresses were very expensive. It is a high fashion area and children are included. I didn’t even price the clothing. The name of the shop is Chocolate and Tartines-or maybe the other way around. Linda

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