The Poisoner

 I had a dinner for eight people this week-end, most of them related to Maurice. I served a very good dinner of salad with parasean cheese, osso bucco, mashed potatoes, followed by cheese and a home made apple custard. The next day three of the people who ate with us were sick. Somehow, since all of us weren’t sick, I don’t think it was my dinner but they sure passed on the information to me. Many attacked my egg custard dessert. Can you get sick from cooked eggs? I don’t think so. I feel rather insulted and told Maurice that I would never cook for his relatives again.

Anyway, a few photos from around the Canal St Martin here in Paris.


The canal was built to carry more fresh water into Paris and has become a trendy place to have an apartment.  Boats go down it in the summer and locks are opened and closed, as filled and emptied.


 If you are familiar with the very good French movie, Amelie, this is the bridge in one of the scenes.


A view from the bridge. At one point at the end there, the canal goes under street level for a while.


 Some misguided group (in my opinion) put up a bunch of tents for the homeless and now the area isn’t safe at night and businesses are complaining.


 This funny little statue of a lady always makes me smile. She has a little topknot on the top of her head–along with a pigeon.

15 thoughts to “The Poisoner”

  1. What a disappointing end to your dinner party! I would have been upset too if they attacked my cooking.

    Lovely tour around Paris as always 🙂

  2. Those bastards! I’m sorry, but that is so rude of them to say that. It could have been the metro that they took home or a million other things that those three had in common. grrr

  3. Well hi! poisoner! Surely there would have been a greater percentage sick if it were your meal. Not a nice thing to accuse one of. Just visiting you for the first time. As I am planning to post many French photos as time goes by I will be coming back.

  4. Honestly! In-laws..they can be so damned rude! Yes I have had similar rude and thoughtless remarks from my previous (note: previous) in-laws.

    Lovely lovely piccies…wonder if that canal gets pongy though.

  5. I’m insulted …on your behalf! Even if I was sick, I would make sure not to hurt your feelings, since you went to all that trouble, and you surely did not do it on purpose. Or did you? ;-)))

    Truth be told, it could have been salmonella, which does not affect everyone who consumes it, and it could come through cross-contamination.
    In most eggs, the salmonella bacteria exist only on the shell. Eggs should be scalded in boiling water for five seconds before use.

    The statue makes me smile, too!

  6. The dinner sounds divine – you can cook it for me any time! Don\’t fret, it seems unlikely that their illness was your fault. It always makes me very nervous to cook for French people; I can\’t help but feel that their culinary standards are much higher than mine, when in reality I\’m sure that, like people the world over, many of them can\’t cook their way out of a paper bag! I enjoyed seeing the photos of the Canal St. Martin. I\’ve never been there but it already was on my list for the next Paris visit. Is the charming statue in that area as well?

  7. Your dinner sounds lovely, those guys just had the latest virus going around.
    Thanks for the lovely photos of the canal St. Martin, I was wondering what the locals felt about all of the tents. It’s something we see on the news, and although I understand that there is a problem for these homeless people, I was wondering about hte safety of regrouping them all like that.

  8. Poor you. They probably ate somewhere else together and passed the buck to you! Well, look at this way, they won’t be coming back for dinner any time soon…..ha.

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