The word Bastille always brings to mind the revolution and the first fortress to be stormed by the revolutionists. The poor guy in charge was the first victim beheaded. In fact, the fortress was torn down during this time and nothing remains. It is now a very busy place with no fortress but mass of swirling traffic, some young people working on their skate boarding and an opera house.


 This is a painting in the metro showing what the area of Bastille once looked like.


 And what in looked like in the 1700’s. I love seeing old paintings and how things have changed.


Here it is today. The bodies of several hundred people are buried underneath the column. They died during one of the later revolutions, called “The Three Glorious Days” and their names are written at the base of the column.


 Here’s the top of the column. They once let you climb up there. I guess there must be stairs inside the column.


 The reflection in the windows of the opera house.


Artistic tile work in the metro station with various scenes of the revolution.

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  1. Hey, I never knew that there are graves underneath the column and that at one time they let you climb to the top (would be a great view)!
    I love seeing the “before” and “after” too.

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