Spring Is Early This Year

 Or I guess I could say, We never really had winter. It has all been rather strange. One day it got very cold and I had my heavy winter coat on along with a hat, scarf and gloves. Three days later all I needed was a light cotton coat. Now, March and April can be “cruel” as some poem says and it’s not over yet, but it looked like Spring on a walk I took last week.


This tree has been fooled into dressing for Spring


 A few early daffodils

 There is an old abandoned railroad track that has been transformed into an elevated walkway with plants and flowers everywhere. It is called Promenade Plantee and is a wonderful place to stroll around when the sun is out. It is just a short walk away from Place de la Bastille. Here is some very unusual architecture seen from the walkway:


 The first time I saw this I was reminded of the trophy for winning an oscar for some reason. It took awhile for my brain to realize that they are all copies of The Dying Slave by Michaelangelo. Why there are there, I don’t know but it makes for intriguing architecture.


 They continue on for quite a while.

12 thoughts to “Spring Is Early This Year”

  1. It is intriguing that these imitations of The Dying Slave actually adorn the main police station of the 12th arrondissement, which moved into this purpose-built building some twelve years ago (perhaps a bit more). And why do they all have holes in them? Is is because of their weight, the wind, on grounds of cost, or what?

  2. Never mind the daffodils, the fruit trees down here in the south are starting to flower! We were all prepared for the snow this year having bought our snow chains after the one day of snow last year (getting on for six inches in that one day though) but have never got to use them 🙁

    I even had my little draft entry and snowy photo ready for the blog entry but nuthin’ doing.

  3. It is snowing here in MN and we’re expected to get at least 14 inches. They tell me there is always a huge snow storm in March and then, at last, spring can make it’s way.

  4. Lovely signs of spring! Here we’re having perpetual summer…
    I can see why the statue reminds you of the Oscar – they both have one arm folded over their breasts. Plus…it seems, there’s nothing else happening in the world but the Oscars and ANS’s trial. In France too? Very sad commentary.

    PS You are invited to my party today! I have some more flowers for you 😉

  5. The statues on that building are quite unusual, even for Paris… and can you imagine if your apartment or office had the windows with the view of the Dying Slaves right buttock cheek?

    When I saw daffodils blooming in London nearly three weeks ago, I was floored. This was the day before they got hit with that snowstorm but it still surprised me to see them blooming in Green Park.

  6. Gorgeous photos, Linda, but I’ll bet you’ve got some winter yet to come. The coldest I’ve ever been in Paris was a couple of weeks in March. The dying slave motif shows exactly what I love about the French aesthetic—thought provoking and innovative in its approach to beauty.

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