Menton Lemon Festival


Maurice and I just returned from a really delightful time in Menton to see the Citron Festival that they have during this carnaval time. Menton is the last major stop in France before you enter Italy if you are on the Cote d’Azure.



 These tables make me want to eat here in the center of Menton


Along with the parade there is a garden with all sorts of objects made out of lemons and oranges. This was the gateway to the garden.


They had a real elephant around too giving rides. He was like a big old dog sticking his trunk all over the place, probably looking for food.


 A butterfuly of lemon and oranges


 Just another colorful corner


An interesting god. India was represented in this festival this year.


A Taj Mahal of lemons and oranges!

  I have many more photos so there will be at least three more postings. Wait until you see the parade!

PS-I have been changing the photos, etc, over in Cafe Press, trying to have more photos for sale and trying to figure out just how to do that. I am not a computer genius, by any means.

17 thoughts to “Menton Lemon Festival”

  1. Wow! What a spectacle! We’ve been to Menton (lovely town), but missed the Festival. I’ve seen some other photos of it, but yours are superior, as usual! Wouldn’t it smell great if we lived inside the Taj Mahal 😉
    So have you left Paris for Provence now, or is it still too early?

  2. Wonderful colors, wonderful subjects, wonderful photos! I wish we also could vicariously enjoy the fragrance that must have permeated the town. Can’t wait for the ret of the pictures.

  3. What gorgeous displays. Wow. I am always amazed at what people can do with different objects and turn them into such beautiful “sculptures.” Amazing.

  4. I subscribe to your blog, Linda, and so anyway I saw this post this morning in an email sometime between feeding the kids their breakfast and brushing my teeth before leaving. I told myself that I needed to come back this evening just to say… WOW. BLOWN. OVER WITH SUCH BEAUTY. The things your eyes have witnessed… unbelievable.

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