Menton Lemon Festival Parade

 The parade was interesting in that the streets of Menton were totally blocked off and you weren’t allowed to watch it unless you had purchased a ticket and you couldn’t bring your dog in either. They had huge elevated seating areas which sounds good on paper and I think the people would have been 50 deep if they hadn’t had them, but the best photo taking area was on the street which is where I ended up. There were huge floats covered in oranges and lemons but I liked the people the best in their carnaval costumes.


There was a band from India


 This lady in a group from Brazil


Interesting costume


 Lots of beautiful girls. There was even a group from Sweden which doesn’t strike me as a place that would be dancing in the streets in February for carnaval. The girls were pretty but they were all white and wintery looking, not like those in the hot blooded countries.


 They had a mariachi band from Mexico and some of these Aztec dancers.

3 thoughts to “Menton Lemon Festival Parade”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures ! Mais je pourrai tout aussi bien continuer en français, n’est-ce pas ? Vous me donnez envie d’aller à Menton. J’ai toujours entendu parler de ce carnaval, mais n’y suis jamais allée. Les enfants étant plsu grands maintenant, cela devient envisageable. Je garde l’idée en tête.

    Merci pour ces magnifiques photos !
    Bonne journée

  2. I did not realize that there’s an entrance fee – is it expensive?
    I love all the close-ups, but especially the lady from Brazil (of course they would have an edge over the Swedish 😉

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