Menton Lemon Festival Parade Part 2


A lovely girl with what must have been a very heavy head piece.


 One of the large floats with an Indian god. Note the girl on the elephant in the back.


I was fascinated with this costume.


 Another nice one. There is an interesting elephant in the rear made the same way.


There was also a group from Tahiti. This guy was very war-like and I’m not sure what the tongue sticking out means in Tahiti. In New Zealand it is done by warriors to scare off unwelcome visitors-copying snakes or lizards, I think. Anyway, he was a very handsome guy when he wasn’t doing this.

8 thoughts to “Menton Lemon Festival Parade Part 2”

  1. That tongue is revolting but I can’t stop looking at it.

    Beautiful photos again – I love all the colour. And it’s hard to take in that this was in France…it seems another world.

  2. What a burst of color to wake me up this morning! Great photos! You can appreciate the size of the crowds and floats.
    But how rude, sticking his tongue at me so early in the morning 😉

  3. What amazingly colorful photos! I love these shots, and the ones in the last 3 posts as well… You definitely have a great eye for photography.

    Sadly, I won’t have a digital camera on hand for my trip to the South of Spain, but I’ll make and keep some great memories in my mind! And maybe we’ll pick up a disposable camera, just to take at least a few photos for posterity, even though I know they won’t be very good.

    Or maybe I can go completely crazy and buy a camera before leaving — hmmmm… Guess that wouldn’t be a good idea, though, if I want to have any money for the trip itself!

  4. Linda, Thanks for introducing us (at least some of us)to the Menton Lemon Festival. We did not know about it. Your photos are as always excellent…color is brilliant. You have a great eye for choosing interesting subjects. Thanks again for sharing.

    Doris and Bill

  5. That tongue, just a little off putting,lol! I love the pink costume, so bright and colourful. Amazing parade, I can just imagine the sounds and excitement going on around it. wonderful!

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