Artistic ways with food

 I took these photos over a month ago on a cold day on Rue Montorguile (right around the corner from St Eustache) but they made me think of Spring.


 Rue Montorguile is a very busy pedestrian shopping street, mostly for food and restaurants. The largest vegetable and fruit shop always has fascinating displays of their ware, very artistic, like these beans.


These cherries were from Chili. I was tempted to buy some but at over 19 Euros a kilo I passed. Cherries are my favorite fruit and I am looking forward to Summer in Provence when I can eat my fill.


 I love the festive decoration the butcher did for the meat.

10 thoughts to “Artistic ways with food”

  1. Ah, rue Montorgueil… Love it! And that’s where my (current) hairdresser is located — unless I end up trying out a new one when I get the info from PutYourFlareOn…

    I’m really impatient for spring to be here, too — REALLY impatient! Just-can’t-wait.

  2. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I used to stay with my bil next to St Eustache, and I did all my shopping on this street. If you walk down far enough on this street away from the church, there is a “presse” where you can get all kinds of magazines in english. I have some old photos from this street as well, but they are not scanned. Yours are great!

  3. Yes, the French have a knack for merchandising and “window dressing”. Even humble green been looks great! But the cheries come to $11 a pound – I guess that’s the reason I’m not in France right now 🙁

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