Maurice is doing some work with his son in various cities around France this month and, as I haven’t seen some of those cities, I asked to come along. So as Maurice slaves away, I have the delight of strolling around and taking photos. Hard work but someone has to do it.

 The first city was Auxerre. This isn’t new to me as I saw it when we first came to Paris but I remember being charmed so wanted to see it again. I’m so glad I did as I had a fabulous sunny day that was perfect for exploring.


 Auxerre is famous in French history as one of the places that Joan of Arc stopped to pray on her way to battle the English.


 I especially loved this stained glass window to commerate her visit



 I was touched by this small statue of Mary looking rather like a princess in bare feet.



The first time I came to Auxerre we had stopped to see the cathedral and I thought that was all there was to see. Maurice was thirsty so we went further past the cathedral and found this fabulous door left from an ancient building. We would have missed all that Auxerre has to offer if Maurice hadn’t wanted something to drink.


 A close-up of the clock

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  1. Oh, great…we are on a field trip! Love the clock! OK, time for bed, but I’ll be all rested tomorrow AM for more sightseeing 😉

  2. Have you thought about uploading some of your piccies to iStock or some other royalty free site – I think you do get some income out of it. Your photos are fabulous.

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