le Baron Bouge

 On an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning we headed off to get something for a computer at a (to me) totally boring store which left us near Place d’Aligre, one of my favorite street markets. It is one of the more lively and interesting markets in Paris and one of the first ones I ever visited with Maurice so there are always good memories when I return. Before we set out shopping we stopped for a light lunch at le Baron Bouge, a funky little bar in the neighborhood which sells wine by the bottle from casks. Lots of fun to visit. No real meals but plates of cheese or chacuterrie-sausage, etc.


The cute sign out front


Belly up to the bar boys


 They sell wine to take home in bottles from these barrels.


 Filling up a bottle for a customer to take home


Instead of a glass a piece we got a carafe for only 6 euros, a little too much wine for lunch for me but so much fun.

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  1. I think that English city is “twinned” — in France they say “ville jumelle” (twin city).

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