Saturday Market in Paris

 A few photos of fruits and vegetables seen in Place d’Aligre one Saturday.


Blood oranges-I’ve never tried them


 These grapes looked really good to me but Maurice talked me out of them-he’s always right about the taste of things.


 You can tell Spring is coming when you see daffodils for sale on the streets. We went and got our own one year. It was very easy as they were growing wild everywhere in a nearby forest but it was very wet and muddy.


 These look like mums of some sort but they are actually a type of radicchio.


I’ve never seen lettuce like this before. Isn’t it pretty?

8 thoughts to “Saturday Market in Paris”

  1. I can never, never, never have enough of outdoor markets. Thanks for taking me with you.

    In less than 4 weeks I’m in Venice and will browse the markets myself 🙂

  2. Wow some wonderful, colourful food, some of which I haven’t seen before…love the old man selling the daffodils, just gorgeous!

  3. Blood oranges = mmm,mmmm, good!

    They’re very sweet and delish. Those flowers are beautiful and just make me feel all happy and gushy inside. :0)

    I thought the radicchio was a collection of candy canes. :0l

  4. Where does all this beautiful produce come from – our Farmer’s Market here in California only has chard right now!

    I’ve had blood oranges, too, and I thought the taste was the same as other oranges, not weird or different the way it looks like they would be.

    I’m not a ‘commenter’, but I read your blog every day! I started trying out blogging myself and you were first on my links list! (Really –, in my links!) Keep taking pictures for all of us! And writing – I just can’t decide what I like the best!

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