Market Flowers

 One of the nice things to be found in markets is flowers. Parisians buy them by the arm loads to take home since most don’t have gardens. They are always a feast for the eyes.


 They are hard to pass up when they look so inviting


The lovely choice by one customer


 I love anemonies. They are such happy flowers. Note to self:plant the bulbs for anemonies next fall.


 Hard to beat roses


 This lady looked rather like a bouquet herself. I liked her boots and textured stockings. Pretty dressed up for food shopping.

7 thoughts to “Market Flowers”

  1. Linda, these bright and colorful flower photos have cheered me up a bit this drowsy Friday afternoon at work… I’m feeling wiped out by my short week in the office!

    You’ve motivated me to try and pick myself up a bundle of flowers tomorrow morning at my local market too. I got some tulips a few weeks ago, but it’s been a while. Last year I got hooked on renoncules — I think they’re a nice change from roses. But you’re right — those anemones are so tempting! They just make you want to smile…

  2. Great photos – I can almost smell the flowers…

    Across from our apartment in Paris was Monceau Fleurs. From our balcony, I could check on the latest arrivals and specials ;-). And most were very affordable – I can honestly not remember any day without flowers in our place…

  3. Wow, Linda. These pictures are so alive! They remind me of the open markets on the left bank where we saw lots of floers when we were “touring” with you in December. The thought of bunches of flowers every day is wonderful.

    Doris and Bill

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