Linda’s Tour de France 2

 This trip took us into Brittany, a part of France on the Atlantic coast, although we never did see any of the ocean. I had hoped to make a quick trip to St Malo, a city on the ocean, but will have to save that for next time. We went to the city of Rennes which turned out to be delightful, as are most places in France. And, like most cities in France and Europe for that matter, it had an old city which was very interesting to tour. I never did find the tourist information center and I understand that there was a phone number I could have called on my cell phone that would have given me an audio tour, but I still loved what I saw.


Lots more half timbered buildings. This was one of the oldest. There was a horrible fire in the 1700’s which wiped out most of the city and I was wondering what was lost then.


 Many regions of France have their own traditional costumes. I’ve seen those tall hats on women in a few parades but not in Rennes.


 It’s hard to find a church in France without a statue of Joan of Arc. This was one of the more unique ones, I thought.


I’m always surprised to come upon modern art in ancient cathedrals. This is Christ, I think. Very different. It was in the same church that had a wonderful Flemish carving from the 1500’s.


 One more half timbered building. There were many of these, usually with a bar or a restaurant in them. There were several large squares all lined with bars and students filled them at night. We went looking for a place to eat for dinner and Maurice didn’t want to be in a tourist trap so we ended up down below on the edge of the old city. I was thinking we would have seafood, being so near the ocean and all, but we ended up at a Mexican restaurant. The fajitas were a little strange but tasty and tender and they had really great margaritas-for France-and I had two. Haven’t had one since I was last in Texas.

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  1. Of special interest to me since we are moving to Brittany [permanently] in June, to a hamlet near to Yvignac-la-Tour. I gather all the details I can about Brittany on the internet, hoping not too feel too “strange” when we land there, knowing little French and only a few people — mostly our estate agent and those we met along the way in searching for a home. Your website is helpful in focusing on the interest and excitement; the possibility, rather than just the adjustment and effort involved! Our family needs to keep a strong sense of both purpose and lightheartedness I believe in making this transition, as you have done.

  2. This is unusual; for some reason these pictures really “got to me” the way images of certain parts of Paris “get to me”. I’m so excited to be there soon and I’ll put Brittany on my list of great places to see, too.

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