Endlessly Fascinating

 All cathedrals fascinate me but St Eustasche in the second arrondissement of Paris always has me walking about it, inside and out, looking around and up amazed at the work that has lasted for centuries by people who created by hand and who probably had no idea that their work would be admired all these years later.


 It’s as impressive as Notre Dame is to me, probably because the viewer is able to see it whole from a distance, not just below where it appears squeezed in by modern buildings. Les Halles, the unfortunate mall here, is underground, thank God.


 Here is is framed by some garden trellacing.


 Here is an enormous sundial on one side. There are two more smaller ones on another side. As you can see, it was about 2 in the afternoon.


A nearby fountain sparking in the sun.

7 thoughts to “Endlessly Fascinating”

  1. Oh, my! St. Eustache never looked as good as it does in your photos! You are so darn clever…
    BTW – have they cleaned the exteriors recently? As late as 2003 it looked much darker.

  2. This is a lovely collection of pictures. I remember when I went to see St Eustache but the day was all dark and cloudy and my pictures didn’t come out at all. Yours are much better!

  3. I love St Eustache, too. D and I went to a service there one Sunday last year and it was so moving. The choir completely hidden from view sounded like the heavenly host!
    These are wonderful photos, Linda.

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