Not Your Usual Fountain

  By the side of the Pompidou Modern Art Museum you will find a fountain full of, well, strange figures moving, twirling, squirting water. This is the Stravinsky fountain designed by Niki de Saint-Phalle and Jean Tinguely. It was inspired by Stravinsky’s ballet, The Firebird (1910)- I’m not sure why- but it is appealing and nice to see on a warm day right off of Rue de Rivoli. When I saw it a few years ago it was working much better. All of the figures moved in some way but most don’t now. I wonder if they will ever restore it.


I’ve always rather liked the red lips


      The hat and the heart used to twirl but now they just sit there.


 On a nice day there are all sorts of people trying to make a euro or two. This guy painted a rather good face upside down and blindfolded.


 Nearby, this building had the glass of the windows blocked off and they were painted with imaginary inhabitants.


 Can you see the two children in the upper windows?

11 thoughts to “Not Your Usual Fountain”

  1. wow I’ve never seen anything like those lips before! Not sure if I like them or if they are a little freaky, lol! I would be happy if I could paint a portrait that good doing it the right way up and not blindfolded…pretty clever! And those windows are gorgeous…I can just imagine the “real” children that may have played in there at one time…Have a great weekend Linda…Nel

  2. I remember when the objects in the fountain moved, too! C’est dommage!
    So all those windows are painted? Could have fooled me 😉
    Great photos, as usual!

  3. So funny, I’ve been wondering where that fountain is ever since watching the first French In Action video, where I first saw it. Now, I finally know. 🙂

  4. How sad to learn that the fountain is no longer working! Nevertheless it\’s a delight to behold and I always go to look at it when I\’m in Paris because it\’s so different from anything else. (with the exception of the wonderful, fantastical perfume bottle also designed by Niki de Saint-Phalle) I also remember it fondly from French in Action. I never noticed the fun painted windows before – thanks Linda for featuring them.

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