A Bite of Heaven

 When you see something like this at a market, it really catches your eye:


Somebody is not only a perfectionist but they have an eye for arranging.


 Don’t these just make your mouth water? But we didn’t buy any. First of all they were way too expensive. Secondly, Maurice always turns his nose up at really large fruit and vegetables, but especially strawberries. The first time you see these lucious red berries after a long winter it is hard to pass them by, but he always says to just wait until the strawberries from France arrive in the markets. The large ones always seem to be from Spain and Maurice says they aren’t grown in soil-maybe hydroponic? I always thought if you cut fruit up and put enough sugar on it, it is fine but I found out that Maurice was right. The smaller French strawberry almost doesn’t need any sugar and they are full of juice. Just have to be patient now.

14 thoughts to “A Bite of Heaven”

  1. MMMmmm, I’ve seen the first blooms in my strawberry patch, I have to fight the girls for them though, we eat them as fast as they ripen!

  2. Hi Linda ~ I love browsing through your photos. It is like taking a little lunch time vacation to France while I sit here at my desk in the great American Southwest, munching on peanut butter on toast. Thanks!

  3. wow I can’t believe someone took the time to arrange them so perfectly!! I agree with Maurice, in Aus. the smaller ones are always the sweetest, definitely worth waiting for!

  4. They are beautiful, but I read recently where the strawberries from Spain grown in the off-season are doing considerable environmental damage due to extreme water consumption, pollution from fertilizers, etc. Several ecology minded groups are suggesting that consumers boycott Spanish strawberries in the winter.

    Still, I find them hard to resist as the prices here in Antibes are quite low. More power to Maurice…he can stand to wait!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  5. Those look awesome! And like Nel pointed out, my what care someone has taken to arrange them so wonderfully!

    I’ve learned from my OH here (Italy), that for most fruits and vegetables, the smaller it is, the better it tastes–I imagine from packing such a punch into something small 🙂

  6. Always wait for the local berries — they are much better. We have the same “problem” here with California berries, but Oregon berries are sweeter. I vaguely recall France has a lot of “fraises des bois” which are small and intensely flavored.

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