A Montmartre Walk

 There are parts of Montmartre, unsuprisingly, that I’m not that familiar with. I know the part up by Sacre Coeur backwards and forwards but the part down below in the seedier area isn’t one I walk in very often. Last week, while it was still sunny and beautiful, I went on a walk with a group of ex-pats walking all the way from the Anvers metro stop to Clingacourt, a walk of an hour and a half and saw interesting architecture. I am finding, more and more, that architecture really grabs me and am starting to realize that much of it is a form of art. I knew this before but I am always delighted by the different forms buildings can take and there are so many to see in France as they span centuries.


Right down the street from Anvers is this interesting looking place.


 This gallant looking man is over the door.


 Lovely decoration over a door on another building


 A theatre in the art deco style-must have been here since the 20’s


And there is, of course, the Moulin Rouge. There used to be many windmills all over this area and there are still two higher up the hill. Someone, in times past, got the idea of providing food, drink and entertainment by their windmill which eventually led to the Moulin Rouge. World famous now. I’ve never gone.

6 thoughts to “A Montmartre Walk”

  1. I too enjoy architecture – especially around France. To me it is so unique and interesting to what I am used to seeing from midwest America!

  2. I wonder how old that first house is. The satellite dish is certainly an anachronism, isn’t it? I wonder how the gallant little guy likes having that above him.

  3. I love old architecture, and some of the new, though I enjoy the history and character surrounding the older style. So that’s the famous Moulin Rouge? Would love to go there one day…the movie with Nicole and Ewan is one of my favourites!

  4. When I was 15 I spent three weeks in England on a summer language school. During the three weeks we went to Paris for an over night stay. I remember we visited Montmartre then. I would love to go back.

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