Some Montmartre Faces

Right across the street from the Abbesses Metro stop is the Saint Jean Evangeliste church. It is the first one made with concrete although it is covered with bricks and is locally called St Jean de Bricks. Anyway, it isn’t an old church(if you go by European standards). The old abbey here was destroyed during the French Revolution and the nuns were killed as well. It has some interesting tile work on the outside and I found some appealing religious figures above the doors.


I have no idea who this is but the snake is probably history


Here’s a sweet little angel. You can see the tile work done on the church. I wish the wire weren’t there right across the photo I want.


This lady was not on the church-I think she is probably a little too voluptuous, self-satisfied and decadant for a church-but on the side of a house down the street. Just looking at her I’m thinking she is having a nice romantic dream about someone or has just had a really nice piece of chocolate cake.

13 thoughts to “Some Montmartre Faces”

  1. Happy Birthday, Linda. I am enjoying seeing so many places in Monmarte that we never got to visit. What a great way to see them through your lens. Makes us want to return soon.

    Doris and Bill

  2. I love the tile work – very turkish colors!

    As for the voluptous lady – it looks like she’s reading something…is it some kind of the middle-ages porn? 😉

    Bonne Anniversaire, Linda! Will there be a post of what Maurice had planned for this day?

  3. Happy Birthday, Linda! We’ll toast you tonight in California and look forward to hearing about your celebration. I too thought that the photo with the sweet angel has the air of Turkish tile work.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes. We were traveling on my birthday so nothing exciting happened. My husband did buy me some candy at the grocery store. That’s it. At my age I’d just as soon not remember it’s yet another birthday.

  5. Bon Anniversaire Linda. I am trying to imagine what the rest of the house with that happy woman on it’s facade looked like. Great photos.

  6. Hi there, Linda! I loved these pics. My dad lived in Montmartre for years and I used to love roaming around the 18th. I am going to be in Paris next week for a few days for work!

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