Sunny Sunday

 We’ve had a few very dreary, wet, cold days in Paris. It was the kind of weather that makes you just want to stay inside and read. When I looked out the window and finally saw some blue sky, I couldn’t wait to get out and take a much needed walk. I was in the Left Bank area around the St Germain des Pres neighborhood.


I know this looks like a water pipe has broken underground and pushed the sidewalk up but it is actually a fountain/sculpture right across the street from the St Germain des Pres church.


 Here is a view of the church from across the street


 If you head in the opposite direction towards St Sulpice Church there are many little narrow streets. One that I like is Rue des Cannettes. This lady is on the front of a very girly store selling jewelry.


This bike was on the same street. I took the photo because I like the light shining on the wet street. It rained the night before.

10 thoughts to “Sunny Sunday”

  1. You are now in my old neighborhood…I used to shop at that Monoprix! But I don’t remember that clever fountain – is it fairly recent?

    Love your photos!

  2. What a cool fountain! I don’t remember it either. We often stayed on rue Jacob, just around the corner from the church. I love that entire area.

    I like the photo with the wet street; it has a nostalgic quality. If the bike were older and the man in different clothes, it could be a Doisneau. (I’m not sure about the spelling – but it’s a compliment)

  3. Awesome photos. You are wonderful! Thanks for all of them.

    What camera do you use, if I may ask? It seems to do a terrific job for you.

    You are a lucky person and we are lucky to have found you.

  4. I think the fountain was done in the 90’s. I will have to take a closer look sometime and see if I can find a date. I use a Nikon D100-a digital camera with lots of bells and whistles that I am just learning to start to use. I miss my simple little beginner Sony. Linda

  5. well you had me fooled! thought disaster had struck the streets of Paris! Amazing sculpture. Love the last two pictures, very Parisian…Nel

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