St Sulpice

 St Sulpice is a huge church now famous because of the Da Vinci Code-it’s where Silas, the albino fanatic priest, goes to find the clue by the obelisk there. I didn’t go into the church as it was Sunday. It looked like it was the day where Catholic children go for their first communion. There were many dressed up children, many carrying a white flower.


 One of the little girls headed into church


 A little girl not caring at all that she will arrive for her first communion all sweaty.


 I like this architectural detail on the police station across from the church


There was a display of photography in front of the church taken by a woman in India over the space of 30 years. Doesn’t this lady have a lovely smile?


This is on the very end of the church at back. I’ve always liked the shape of it.

5 thoughts to “St Sulpice”

  1. I like how you gravitate towards the obscure and not too obvious sights – everybody else would go for the fountain…
    It was also Palm Sunday yesterday, maybe that would explain the full church (which normally, the French do not attend 😉

  2. I visited the church while in Paris last October. It was lovely, but difficult to get into with all of the renovation going on…is it still underway?

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. The renovation continues. They worked for over 3 years on one tower and will be years working on the other. The church is apparantly is very bad shape-sinking like a ship at sea. Linda

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