Spring Windows

 I was once walking along with some people on the way to St Sulpice when a little French lady stopped us. She heard us speaking in English and thinking to give us American tourists some information, she pointed across the street. “Do you see that hat shop?” I had, indeed, seen it before. It is one of the shops where the hats are hand made and the creator once had a beret in the window with little cat ears on the top. Anyway, the lady said, “This is the best and most famous hat shop in Paris.” I thanked her and we went on our way. I always take a look in the window now to see what new hats the designer has come up with. The shop is on Rue St Sulpice.


If this doesn’t make you think of Spring, I don’t know what will.


These almost make me want to dress up and wear a hat again.


 This great window is nearby. They sell fabulous bouquets of artificial flowers.


I liked this too.


 Someone had painted this bamboo on the side of a building to hide the pipes. Very creative.

17 thoughts to “Spring Windows”

  1. Glorious photos – really lovely.

    But those hats! The green spiral thing looks like a large pile of doggy doo! I have never ever worn a hat – can’t see the point.

  2. What a treat! I have to say, I’m liking those hats; I have to disagree with Wendz above. Several friends went to the local “famous” hat and handbag shop and bought some very expensive visors, so maybe hats are back.

  3. Hats were so big when I was growing up in New England. The colors are so brilliant. Great eye for showing us these lovely hats. “Hats off to spring.”

    Bill and Doris

  4. I love hats too, but that green snail-like creation gives me pause – where would one wear that? And who would that “one” be 😉

  5. These are such beautiful CHEERY colors! Makes me look forward to springtime! :0)

    Btw, I have a photoshoot coming up for the jewelry…I’ll be on the set while the photographer’s shooting the jewelry so I’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on their setup and share any of his tips/techniques with you for your photography! ;0)

  6. I love your blog, the way you write and your very artistic and tastefull photos. Each time I read your journal, it brings me happiness and fond memories. I live in Dubai and each time I feel a need for an escapade, I pack my little bag and travel to Paris. I pray to God that one day, I will realise my dream and live in my favourite city…may be one day, who knows?!
    Thanks so much and I wish lots of happiness and continued joyful journals 🙂

  7. I’ll have that green beehive hat, s’il vous plaît!

    Thanks for your good wishes for Easter. May yours be filled with joy.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  8. I am so lucky to have found your blog. It has such wonderful things on it. Happy Easter to you. connie from Texas

  9. Lovely hats! What’s the name of the shop? Thank you for putting this blog together; I’ve added it to my “France” list in Bloglines so I can vicariously live in France via lucky ex-pats. Heidi from Oregon

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