Signs of Easter in Paris

 Nobody decorates windows better than shops in Paris and as Easter approaches it is always fun to look for chocolate done with that Parisian flair.


Some chickens probably full of smaller pieces of chocolate candy.


 This egg was about a foot across


 I’m guessing this is white chocolate. It’s too pretty to eat.


 Godiva doesn’t go all out decorating their windows but I did see this poster for hot chocolate which is new to me. I must make a taste test if it ever cools down again.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

7 thoughts to “Signs of Easter in Paris”

  1. Wow! How pretty.

    If I don’t log on for a while it’s because I had monovision lasik surgery. David also had it. Kind of foggy right now.

    Hope you and M have a great Easter.

  2. Happy Easter! Godiva in NY sells some sort of Hot Chocolate, too. The funny thing is the one here in the US looks really rich…almost like melted chocolate or chocolate syrup (at least it does on the posters).

    And the one in that Frenchie poster looks all light and frothy.

  3. I don’t think anyone does windows better than Paris at any time of the year! Yummy pictures…Happy Easter Linda…Nelxo

  4. Linda,
    Happy Easter to you and Maurice from Los Angeles. Just as the windows were exquisite at Christmas….these are absolutely lovely. I especially like the “foot long” egg with the pretty ribbon and bow.

    Great pictures.

    Doris and Bill

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