Linda’s Tour de France 3


 This time Maurice and I did a quick trip to Metz found in the section of France called Lorraine-where Quiche Lorraine began. It turned out to be another really charming city and I enjoyed my walk around the city to explore. I even tried their Quiche and it was great. It didn’t have any onions in it, though, something I have always added. Maybe that’s an American thing.


Metz it well known for it’s cathedral. This was the view from our hotel room. It is enormous inside with the ceiling soaring high overhead.


 This is a little blurry but it was part of a sculpture over a door on the cathedral. Notre Dame in Paris has something similar. It is the story of the last judgement when souls are judged at the end of time. Some are taken to heaven and some to hell. These unfortunates aren’t going to heaven. On Notre Dame the devils are stuffing them into a boiling cauldron of fire. Most people couldn’t read when these churches were built so Bible stories were told in sculptures and stained glass. I think seeing something like this almost 900 years ago would have inspired me to be in church as often as possible.


You don’t see many smiling Mary sculptures. She usually looks either pensive or sad. This one reminds me of the smiling angel in Reims.


 Here is a dressed Mary inside. Rather unusual. I did see one with layers of clothing during a gypsy celebration in the south of France.



 I’ve never seen anything like this on the outside of a church either.


 Chagal did this very modern window in 1960. I liked the yellow.


I’m not posting many of the photos that I took around the city. Metz has some really astounding buildings and it has a wonderful layout around the river which runs through it. I liked the purple on this church-really unusual and rather trendy, I thought, although I don’t think the church is in use at the moment.

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  1. That purple is very pretty…bright, cheery, and inviting. Actually, it’s a really pretty accent for an old structure. I wonder when they decided to paint it purple…

    That sculpture would’ve not only inspired me to be in church all the time, but I’d probably be up front giving sermons. lol It looks scary!

  2. I love the Mary with the Mona Lisa smile. However, the effect with the crinkly eyes gives me the impression that she’s just heard a rather risque joke…no doubt not the reaction the artist intended for her to impart!

  3. Wow! That’s an enormous cathedral! Knowing how low the number of French that attends church, it seems like a waste 😉
    Mary might be smiling, but I find her terribly unattractive (you think a male model was used?)
    Love the Chagal window…

  4. Oh dear. I think I know how you feel. I don’t think France would sit to well with me either after the novelty wore off. I’m one of those thick headed “Americans” that don’t have an ear for the language. They are different. They say what’s on their mind, to say the least. We have our exchange student that hurt my feelings for years during his visits (oh, my grandmother would never use boxed cake mix, blah blah blah). I finally gave up and just let it roll off. He doesn’t know any different, I tell myself, and I don’t think he means to downgrade me. Anyway, if I were you, I would definately hire help, regardless if it’s “French” or not. That meany folks, you will need help. Show them the American way and let them say what they will. You can’t change that anyway. You can have a drop dead reunion and also enjoy yourself at the same time. Ya think? xo

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