Luxembourg Gardens

 There is always alot of activity going on in Paris gardens. There are usually all sorts of joggers, children being led on ponies and classes of various oriental arts.


 She was giving a demonstration of a dance and did a very nifty move with opening the fan with a crack. She sang a little song to go with it.


This man could sing the song and make the moves but the fan thing just didn’t happen with the same grace and he dropped it.


She wasn’t doing much-just standing there. There were pink blossoms on the tree behind her but they didn’t come out very well.


 Where’s Waldo?


This wasn’t in the gardens. Their arrangements there are much more formal and they haven’t really started yet, although I bet some tulips will be blooming before long. This was outside the garden on someone’s home.

5 thoughts to “Luxembourg Gardens”

  1. I just discovered your blog. Great resource — thanks so much. We think alike about “where’s waldo” at Luxembourg Garden (see my blog) but you got the socks perfect-o!

  2. Isn’t Luxembourg Garden a wonderful place? Antibes is too small for such a big park, but wait a minute, I almost forgot, we’ve got the sea!

    Thanks for taking us on stroll to see what you see…I would love to hear the story of those socks!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. Wow, it has been way too long since I stopped by! But on the up side, there are so many great pictures for me to catch up on!!

    I love those Waldo socks =) When I was a kid, I had a pair just like ’em…haha luckily my mom didn’t let me grace too many pictures with those socks on!

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