I’m not a fan of grafitti on the whole but you do see some interesting work around Paris and get so you can identify the work of various artists. Some have become pop celebraties, invited to parties and some even having their art shown in galleries.


This guy, Nemo, is interesing in that he always has the same objects in his grafitti but they are always doing different things.


 This artist put one of his painting into the Nemo’s above adding the little boy


 Here’s a whole wall done by Nemo-always a black cat, a bluebird, a red balloon and an umbrella. It is a high building making me wonder if the artist carries a ladder around.


 This artist has his man do different things as well


 I recognize this guy around on the walls of Paris


 Here’s old Jef Aerosol again. I saw all of these, by the way, on the same day in the same area.

7 thoughts to “Grafitti”

  1. These are wonderful. Grafitti art must be sactioned, then, in Paris? The police don’t drive the artists away??

    I love the flower in the first one.

  2. I’m not sure if Street Art-or is it just grafitti?-is sanctioned in Paris.(Prostitution is illegal but you still see them on streets here and there at night and especially in the Bois on the east and west part of Paris.) There is a reason it is done late at night. I don’t think they get permission and I imagine they could be arrested if caught. I think I would be upset if I came outside one morning and found something painted on the side of my apartment even if it was called art. Still, I enjoy seeing some of the work of the artists I now recognize. Linda

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