Linda’s Tour de France 4


 What a surprise Lyon turned out to be. I had heard good things about it and all reports were correct. I loved everything that I saw. Because we ate at Maurice’s cousin’s home for dinner the night we were there, we missed out on trying some meals in a restaurant there-although we had a fabulous meal in any case. I was just a little disappointed that we didn’t have time to try something as Lyon is said to have the best food in France. We had such a huge meal with the French cousins that I wasn’t even hungry the next day and we ended up just having a sandwich on the day we left. Oh well, next time.


 There were many buildings with really great paintings covering the sides. This one has very famous people from Lyon.


 The St Jean Church had another huge wonderful clock similar to one I had seen before. This one also had an astrology section. As you can see it is the time of that most wonderful of astrology signs, Aries.


There was an extremely ornate Basillica on top of a Fourviere hill . Lyon, by the way, is very hilly. This church reminded me of Sacre Coeur in Paris and, in fact, was built during the same time. The decoration used was mosaic tile. This art is actually tile work and shows Christians using prayer and faith to defeat the Turks in a sea battle.


 A fabulous fountain in the square in front of the Hotel de Ville. I was disappointed that the scaffolding of the building behind was in place and was seen in almost every view. I learned that the French revolution really hit Lyon hard. Many important people were beheaded in this square of the fountain including many architects and artists and the population was so decimated and destroyed that it was years before Lyon recovered.


 A closeup of one of the horses. Can you see the steam coming out of its nose? I thought this was really cool.


 There were all sorts of courtyards to explore with very intricate architecture hidden away. This was in a very old section of Lyon near the St Jean church. There were also many covered passage ways between buildings in another part of Lyon used by the silk makers to carry wares about. Maurice and I started at the top of the hill and walked down going through some of them. The silk makers needed very high ceilings for their 11 foot high looms so there are tall rooms with windows for light every where.


A look at just one of the stairs, not for the faint of heart or legs, going up to the church on top of the hill. There was also a fununcular, thank heavens.

 Sometimes people ask me for recommendations of places to visit outside of Paris. I now add Lyon to the list. It was a fascinating and beautifully planned and preserved city. A must for any lover of France.

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  1. Hey Linda, this is so funny — I just left a comment for Emily on her blog and she mentioned Lyon as well… I haven’t been back there in years — and I mean YEARS, as in 13! — but I would love to visit again. I remember that I really liked it, but mainly that it was one of my first city experiences in France because I had just arrived as a student at the ripe ol’ age of 19… (before even spending time in Paris) I remember that people’s French accent was really different from that of Paris, too. I don’t remember a lot about the actual architecture of the city, or the history for that matter, I’m embarrassed to say, but I do remember the good food. I was there for three weeks, for a sort of short term study, and I met all kinds of theater students. We learned about the silkmakers and visited the marionnette museum — for some reason these are the bizarre things that stand out in my memory! And people kept emphasizing how Lyon is the “ville gastronomique” of France.

    But as Lyon was one of my first “tastes” of France, it will always have a special place in my heart. I do really need to go back again… So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Oh, my French teacher back home is originally from Lyon. Too bad she is email-challenged or I’d send her the link to your post so she could get a nice “fix” of her home town! OK, I’m officially putting Lyon on my must-visit list now.

  3. thank you so much for the tour around Lyon…I especially love the last two photos…the colours are so soft and peaceful and those stairs…well they could lead to just about anywhere in the imagination.

  4. Thanks for that informative post! Since I believe we are kindred spirits ;-), I trust your judgement and respect your opinions. We were considering spending some time in Lyon, next time we get to France, and you just solidified our plans!
    So that entire first photo is just a painting? Amazing…

    (re: my post today. We visited Austin and waited for the bats at the bridge, but I guess we were there out of season 🙁

  5. I loved Lyon; it was one of my favorite places when I lived in France. Such a beautiful city! Aren’t those murals incredible?!

  6. We love traveling to Lyon virtually on your posts. The horse with steam is an amazing picture. Courtyards in Lyon remind me of those we visited in Paris on the left bank.

    Doris and Bill

  7. I’ve never been to Lyon, but hope I get there. It seems a shame to live in a new country and not to get out and explore it more. Funny how we have all those ideas about “going and seeing” before we move, but once ensconced, the routine catches us.

    That’s why you are so wise, Linda. You are taking advantage of trips that are necessary for other purposes and using them to see and to feel.

    And, thankfully, to show us!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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